Hemispherical bells

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at sySL5tktYd2Zx4C5zoo3YS_-GJOV5tD9HU53uFVb9vEYGS7gtMbqXM9cuGIo2XpWEf5gpugU2ywPUhRwJ6eNVoHUv8KKEp4.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 6 08:25:37 GMT 2009

Just to confirm that the Reading bells and the Gawler chime are on the list.

Looking at the later end of the spectrum, all the bells post-WWI on the list are by M&S - the last chime in 1932 and the last single bell in 1938. Again, I'm sure the list is far from complete

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