[Bell Historians] Hemispherical bells

David Sloman david at OG3CVU0yJwLeb_rZ-D3-hnadgaj-PV30D7tftcqyb9PJP8SaHgNU4X41KkMuTr0E8InNV5yjSr9SsOdPBif97HwFqsMFrTt7j6Ya.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 6 11:06:30 GMT 2009

There is a strange gong shaped bell by Robert Taylor of 1848 in Essex.

If anybody knows the founders of the following(some gone) hemispherical bells I would be grateful for the details

Winchfield Hampshire, Margate Jubilee Tower, Bermondsey St. James, Holborn Princes Theatre, Hoole Lancashire, Preston St. Thomas, Wavertree, Wembley St. John the Baptist, Westminster Royal Opera House
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