[Bell Historians] Muffles

Stephen Ivin s.ivin at AlqB98UswaIX5T7rUTEtMeJYRU-D77zBJn-EnI7Nk0kAYEvPbV6mDR-5isJW7i9ep5IcxcvJ3rYKYJZEog.yahoo.invalid
Mon Mar 9 09:57:17 GMT 2009

I have made and used rather successfully a design of muffle based on 
ones made by my old (late lamented) friend Alf Rushton of Luton. These 
were simply a circle (or it could just as well be a square) of thick 
leather (about 1/4 inch - varied for smaller bells) about 6 or 7 inches 
in diameter (or square), with a pair of holes for leather laces. The 
advantage of the width is that even if the ties get loose the leather 
overhang provides a self-centering effect.

If this is not clear, I'll have to see if I can draw a diagram or take a 



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