[Bell Historians] Muffles

Richard Grimmett richard at 4EWZH0OcFr5zwhsqvNBFsPdPt_D1a_8Wd5ACll0sgP4lIt73_yAGbfhfF3bOm_uQA8SpXuYXMHsKYnE_Whs.yahoo.invalid
Mon Mar 9 09:45:03 GMT 2009

Peter Whisker wrote:
> Both towers I regularly ring at (St. Peter's Chertsey & St. Peter's 
> Staines) have recently bought the Big Wilf muffles and the South African 
> rubberised paint he supplies. We have found both excellent. The muffles 
> are well made and the paint is excellent at stopping them slipping.
> Don't paint the clappers with the bells up! Another tower I heard of did 
> this. Apart from being very dangerous, if you survive, you will end up 
> with the clapper stuck to the bell!
> The paint takes weeks to wear off  your hands so wear latex gloves or 
> similar.
> Peter

Big Wilf's muffles are as likely to slip as traditional muffles if you 
do not paint the clappers with the non-slip stuff.  I say this from 

We haven't got round to painting  the ones at ST Pauls, Brum yet - so on 
the few occasions we have put them on I have wrapped duct tape around 
the flights which gives me peace of mind.

Putting muffles on bells that are up can be problematic.  I ended up 
inadvertently pulling the 4th off, catching it and pushing it back up to 
the balance.  The trouble at St Pauls is that the space between bell and 
floor limits access when down, especially for people like me!



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