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Tue Mar 10 16:06:50 GMT 2009

 Interestingly English Heritage's guidance takes up four paragraphs
(51-54) - if the guidance published by the opposing party carries such
weight where was the guidance from the CCCBR to balance it?  If EH's
guidance is 98% conservation and 2% the needs of ringers and ringing then
this needs to be countered with some robust guidelines giving 98% to the
needs of ringers and ringing.

Unfortunately as nice well-rounded people we ringers already strike a
balance in our conservation/future needs guidelines -- like starting a tug
of war with one team already about to win and the other team unwilling to
pull too hard.

Perhaps we need some real punchy guidance which puts modern hanging and
recast bells at the forefront of our ringing development and gives us some
room to manoeuvre.


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