[Bell Historians] Cornhill, was Trafalgar Square old & new

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Rod makes an interesting point here, which has got a little lost in the
Malvern thing. I've only ever had done quick ring at Cornhill, about 30
years ago, so it's a bit difficult for me to make any definitive comments on
this particular instance. As CJP points out, half the ring, including the
back four, are 20th century, but I believe that the new bells were tuned
pseudo old-style. I had a ring at Mancroft a couple of years ago, and
expected to hate them, but actually went away rather liking them. But then
again, for the weight, given the choice between Mancroft and, say, Evesham?
Gosh, that's a hard one, would have to think about that..


I think that at Cornhill there's also issues about the suitability of the
current ring for the tower. They're somewhat crammed-in on two tiers, and if
memory serves I think the tower rocked about somewhat. But I see Rod's point
about "interesting" and "different" twelves being replaced with identikit
modern rings.


Andrew Bull



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Any chance of coming back to ideas on Cornhill?

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