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"Does the public see or hear the frame?"


This is in fact a very logical objection, or to put it another way who might want to see it and / or be particularly interested in it?

My particular interests in bell history are the impact of industrialisation on the bell trade, and particularly the development of bells and methods of hanging which occurred from the mid-C19 into the first decades of the C20. Therefore, if any people are expected to be in favour of retaining frames such as this then surely I would be expected to be one of them - but I'm not. If people who are interested in bellhanging from this period don't think it appropriate to retain the frame, who do EH imagine are likely to be intersted in it as a historical artefact? Obviously I cannot speak for others (although some have already commented), but I can say that of those who share my particular interest in this period of bell hanging, I am not aware of any who think the frame should be retained.


EH themselves only themselves own very few churches, and I find it extremely ironic that one of these does actually contain an 8-bell frame (now containing no bells) of precisely the same type as Great Malvern. If they are afraid that eventually there will be no examples left, they have it in their power to make sure that doesn't happen by virtue of this fact.



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