[Bell Historians] Great Malvern Priory - Passing Information on....

John Camp camp at u-DwvZAhmLf1B-GM1qdbuJuyplhfo2XAgwOLKT0WOPv433rB21xdR5AO0rWsO_I0GHNYb-L-MSqpGQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 11 19:05:17 GMT 2009

At 16:33 on 11 March 2009, Richard Grimmett wrote:

> This issue of confidentiality is illogical.  Are all new members vetted
> by all existing ones?  Are existing ones informed everytime someone new
> joins?  Is the JEC column in the RW approved by all subscribers?  Of 
> course not!!

Well - the person who wrote to David expressing reservations was me.

I'm not talking about confidentiality, or copyright, or any other
enforceable consideration.  Personally, I think it is common courtesy,
if you are going to make unexpected use of someone else's comments
sent to a private list, to ask first, if you can.

Ringing-chat carries a message, received by all members when they
join, expressly pointing out that material may be used in my RW
column.  On every other list which I use for the column, there has
been a message saying the same thing at some stage.  OK - members come
and go, but most people are aware that their contributions may be
used.  The NRT list has asked that I do not identify people by name,
so I don't. Nor do I usually identify people on the FODS list.

Some lists have public archives (ringing-theory, for example).
Others, including this list, have private archives.  Messages are
clearly not in the public domain, in these circumstances.

John Camp


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