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Bill has written a note on a set of bells probably from East Anglia marked H
HAYWD & dated 1832. No doubt he will send a copy to you.

I have seem a separate similar set (at Taylors) with dates from 1819 to


Tho H may be a predecessor. Ask your contact for photos, especially the




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No reference to Hayward in Bill Butler's book that I can find.





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None at all. We had a set through here not long back and consulted Bill
Butler about them. I think there is some info in his book.




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Any chance that there is a connection to Hayward Mills Co?

Best wishes


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Can anyone help with this request from?a woman who conducts seminars in the
USA?on tune ringing.? She sent it to the handbell (tune ringing) list, and
no one?seems to have an answer.? 
Mary Clark
Washington Ringing Society
Washington DC
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Hi L-ers.  This weekend I had the privilege of conducting the GA Spring
Festival.  I was housed by a lovely family who just happens to be
 namored with bells, and whose family also used to be antique dealers.
Their home was FILLED with artifacts dating back at least to the Civil
War, and many well before that.  A true curio shop, all beautifully
presented (and dusted)... not like my place!!
    To the point, the woman has a one octave set of bells with the
marking Tho. (wi
 th a raised "s") Hayward 1797!  They have metal clappers
and leather handles.  I've tried to research this on the web, but no
luck yet, so I'm in hopes someone on this erudite list will either know
or have the curiousity to find out.  They aren't really playable at all
at this point, and should probably stay with the patina they have, just
as they are.......but what a treasure. 1797... probably br
 ought here on
some ship with some family who ended up in the Atlanta area or passed
these on.
    I sure hope someone can give me some leads.  I have a lot of
material on the Taylor and Whitechapel foundries in England, as I've
visited them, but no Hayward mentioned as perhaps a founding person.
Have no clue if we Americans had such a foundry in the 1700's... not
beyond possibility.  Look forward to your responses, and please put them
on the L.  I now wish I'd had my camera along, but didn't think I'd need
it this trip, so went only with baton and pajamas and clean clothes for
a quick up and back.  (God save me from Atlanta highways... take valium,
lots of it).  LV
Valerie W. Stephenson
Composer/Handbell Clinician
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