[Bell Historians] Great Malvern Priory

John Camp camp at IXgsS2_yhlny_XInWMTqJOhoetLkaRXfDeQF33uYjWsr1Gly1dYDcjzV_mAItx3EeStseUruA-mHPOsqTOc.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 12 18:31:44 GMT 2009

At 18:12 on 12 March 2009, Chris Darvill wrote:

> The problem is no-one on the "ringers' side" appears to have put 
> these points across to the Chancellor.

It does not seem, from the judgement, that the petitioners were
represented by a lawyer.  (Someone please tell me if this is wrong.)
Yes, I know they cost money, but a competent lawyer would have given
advice on the evidence to be called.  Spending money on a solicitor
(and barrister) at this stage might have avoided the need for what
will be the large expense of pursuing an appeal to the Court of

And I am very happy to be quoted.

John Camp


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