[Bell Historians] Cornhill, was Trafalgar Square old & ne

Robert Lewis editor at ahIdiUnya49pygBpeCo4tqlhXsM5ixB5JFjM4OdCrbiOE0M6VNgwtnh9RIwwGQVPpiv6nCXFUFLL3KsHJWEoHwg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 12 00:33:42 GMT 2009

At 23:09 11/03/2009, Doug wrote:
>As you say, a very brief recording, but I personally think they have 
>quite an appealing sound to them!

In that case, Doug, may I recommend St. Luke's, Chelsea to you.  I am 
sure that you will find them truly uplifting.

Only a ten, of course - but invariably well rung.



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