There are only about 10 copies of this booklet left.

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If anyone wants to buy a copy contact Richard Jones directly.  His email 
address is <rljscp at>:

St Martin’s Band in the 1800s
The Account Book of the Change Ringing Company
of St Martin’s Church Birmingham 1804-1838
by Richard Jones

A5 booklet  35pp. illustrated. All the significant details contained in 
this historic document relating to Birmingham ringing have been 
categorised and transcribed with an introduction and supporting essay. 
There is a full index of members’ names. The accounts throw light on the 
week-by-week activities of the company and on their contacts with other 
parts of the country.

This booklet has been produced in connection with a project begun in 
Autumn 2008 to improve the standard of preservation of historic items in 
the St Martin’s Guild library, for which further offers of financial 
support will be most welcome. For more information please contact the 
Guild librarian Richard Jones (rljscp at

“…not a Booker winner by a chalk of unimaginable, indeed infinite length”

“ A tremendous page-turner – but only on account of tremendous boredom…”

“Duty has been more than done; it has been cooked to a cinder.”

“A light has been shone into a very dusty corner of history – and I, for 
have no intention of spending time there…”

“I glanced through it out of a politeness that became impossible to 

“Hold the felling of another forest! This book could be recycled at once.”

Whatever your opinion, please support the St Martin’s Guild
Library conservation project!

A few copies are available price £5 (p & p included) from
R.L. Jones 286 Franklin Road, King’s Norton, Birmingham B30 1NE
Cheques payable to St Martin’s Guild please.


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