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I have been prompted by a recording that I heard at a BBC department  
recently and with a little research came up with the following interesting  article-  

On Page 2... one reads about the Tsar Kolokol Bell......We have  heard that 
Father Israilev, a recognized connoisseur of bells,  believes that it is 
possible to recast the Tsar Bell, tune  it and raise it to the bell tower. According 
to his  estimates, the works will cost at least 50,000 roubles. Recently, the 
 newspapers have published several projects for the Tsar Bell  reconstruction.
See website attached.

 Is this old info?    And who is Father  Israilev?     It also mention poods 
see below.
Pood (_Russian_ ( : пуд, pud), 
is a unit of _mass_ (  equal to 40 funt (
фунт, _Russian pound_ ( ). It is  
approximately 16.38 _kilograms_ (  (36.11 
_pounds_ ( )._[1]_ 
(   It was used in _Russia_ 
( , _Belarus_ (  and 
_Ukraine_ ( . Pood was first  mentioned 
in a number of documents of the 12th century.  Together with  other units of 
_weight_ (  of the _Imperial  Russian 
weight measurement system_ 
( , pood was abolished in the _USSR_ 
(   in 1924.

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