[Bell Historians] Early handbell ringing

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Sun Mar 15 16:04:59 GMT 2009

Edward W Martin wrote on 15/03/2009 15:06:

> Hello Richard
> My note books etc are still in a chaotic shambles even after 18 months since we moved to England from Annapo;is USA. However, I have just come across the following note that I made (from where I don't recall, but possibly the Bell News)
> "The first handbell peal ever rung with bells retained in hand, copied from an old manuscript book originally belonging to William Booth" (I never knew a William Booth, so I presume this is all from Bell News or wherever!!!)
> "On Wed. evening, Oct. 30th 1811, was rung a peal of 8 handbells at the house of William Booth, Bailey Lane Sheffield. A complete peal of Oxford Treble Bob Major, 5088 Changes in 2 hours and 34 minutes by the following Artists viz:-
> Treble & 2 William Hudson, 3 & 4 William Booth, 5 & 6 Henery (sic) Grayson, 7 & Tenor George Hudson."

The CC Peals & Records Committee pages have a peal of Plain Bob Royal at 
  Abingdon on 18 Feb 1777. No source or length is given. So far as I can 
see the Oxford TB Major given by mew is the next one by date. Source for 
  that given as H&A p 440.


I am aware that not everyone agrees with all of the findings on the CC 
lists. At least we have time to practise Oxford before the anniversary 
in 2011.

Hayden Charles


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