[Bell Historians] Early handbell ringing

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Sun Mar 15 19:10:12 GMT 2009

Chris Pickford wrote on 15/03/2009 17:53:
> I don't know enough about the difference between lapping and handbell 
> ringingto comment with any authority - but the Abingdon peal was rung by 
> five men only (surely implying two bells each).
> CP

Lapping can also be done with two bells per ringer. The difference is 
that the bells circulate and are passed from person to person, as 
opposed to 'retained in hand'.

So to ring plain hunt on six with three people, in place notation the x 
rows are rung after swapping the bells from one hand to the other. The 
16 rows require the inside pairs of bells to be passed to the adjacent 
ringer by putting them into his/her lap. Sit in a row alongside each 
other not in a circle. The bells always ring along the line from right 
to left.

I claim no special knowledge apart from having occasionally done some 
lapping as an interesting diversion. But twice as many bells as ringers 
might not in itself be enough to distinguish lapping from 'retained in 
hand'. Even if the peal was lapped it was still a pretty remarkable 

Hayden Charles


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