[Bell Historians] Early handbell ringing

John Camp camp at zN3XtFQuNgNM1xQGb-6stBY51_0Cv9tunmORZOv5N4w88j6qtiJ2hXISS_kSzTNoddfG7AYwhsuiJOK7vNY.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 15 19:24:29 GMT 2009

At 19:10 on 15 March 2009, Hayden Charles wrote:

> Lapping can also be done with two bells per ringer. The difference is 
> that the bells circulate and are passed from person to person, as 
> opposed to 'retained in hand'.

This used to be done at the annual 'March 4th' celebrations at
Appleton (not far from Abingdon, as it happens) until a few years ago.
I don't know whether the local skills have now been lost, but it's a
pity, if so.

John Camp


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