[Bell Historians] Church Bells of Worcestershire and Oxfordshire

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A note for Alan (having lost his email address): please book me down for a copy each of Worcestershire and Shropshire. 



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  Hello Everyone,

  Thanks to the permission of the Sharpe Trustees, I can now confirm that 
  a facsimile copy of 'Church Bells of Oxfordshire' will be available shortly.

  'Church Bells of Worcestershire' is making good progress.

  Both books should be available in May. 

  The price will be GBP55.00 per volume, including P&P. Due to the size 
  and weight of these books, post will be by surface mail only.

  'Church Bells of Shropshire' will, if all goes well, be available later 
  in 2009. Also priced at GBP55.00.

  Best wishes


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