[Bell Historians] DAC Bells Advisor for Worcester

Hayden Charles hcharles at 0rVilHyBUlYKkFGa5gKao33KyO0_WYu3pYYfQF99I7gtXGuj_hsREirUoBlkzqKI6dZEJ8zuOIdt4L7RBy2NrV4.yahoo.invalid
Sat May 2 08:53:30 BST 2009

George Dawson wrote on 02/05/2009 08:39:
> My  email system may be at fault, or whatever, but the bottom email was the
> only thing that appeared from the ether. So it was not clear as to what was
> going on.
> Perhaps someone knows who the successful candidate might be?
> I'm not interested in the processes leading up to the appointment,
> contentious as they might be to certain parts of the ringing fraternity.
> G

It was in the RW this week, page 476. Mark Reagan has been appointed. 
Report says 'The post was advertised and interviews were held on 17th 
April'. I expect that the original question was in response to the RW 

Hayden Charles


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