[Bell Historians] Lost bell of Peterborough

David Bryant davidbryant at 08bOrsLgGbsCdk9z5lAZe15O_UylT-J88PN1JsRQsybepovp8ppNQdFkHT09O-nF5RIaYy-oXck8DbNgCvJQ.yahoo.invalid
Mon May 25 22:41:18 BST 2009

"Dove 2, published in 1956, states that the bells have not been rung 'for 
about 40 years'."

I recall reading somewhere that four of them (apart from the 4th which had a 
heating flue going through its pit) were rung to test for tower / frame 
movement shortly before being taken out - I expect it was a RW article.



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