[Bell Historians] Re: Peterborough

Sue Marsden erincaters at -zXhUewA2LGD7DqcCbHmyOF6Pg7XC1JljaNXEgguJQHRwHn2Bu7xgpvCl23bvBrH1nLCXGxvwTb6nutfOvUybg.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 27 21:04:40 BST 2009

> I can find no reference to this in Mike Lee's authoratitive literature, including his 1984 interview with the then 90 years old Herbert Goakes who lived in Grange Road Peterborough.
> Perhaps John could contact Mike Lee to authenticate this statement?
>> Herbert Goakes, a ringer at St John's, Peterborough, said that he rang for a wedding at the Cathedral in the 1920s, and that was the last time that they were rung.

Michael Goakes, who must be some relation, still rings at March. I
will contact him and see what he remembers. When I saw him in March he
did say the bells were rung before the new ring was installed.



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