Nick Bowden nickwbowden at noEzRJnNIr8U76P1xFqI6Sb6CzfTQbqvqfnxaf9hW91HZ9Nu3u1vInnJELQWWxGjbvrKpY3lMKiysEoyPWw.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 2 18:30:01 BST 2009

Mike writes: 

> Today is the last day for bids to take over TESco to be made to the Administrator.  We can only hope that some of the interest become bids that meet the necessary criteria to save this historic company and the jobs of those that remain there. 

Absolutely. I notice there was a peal at the Bell Foundry Campanile on 
Monday. I wonder what will happen here in the future?


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