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Anne Willis refers to SPAB - and sums up what they think of ringers and bell restoration. They're entitled to think as they do and to promote their views - as they do quite effectively.

The CCCBR should have at least an equivalent voice on behalf of ringers. It's their failure to boldly "say it as it is" for ringers that bugs me (and I do speak as someone with a strong interest in the heritage too - but who feels that the "conservation lobby" has become too powerful by far). 

As I said in the comic, there's nothing wrong with articulating honestly held beliefs and views - that will be respected even by those who disagree 

But the other thing about SPAB - and this does need stressing time and again - is that they only have a voice. They cannot dictate what can and cannot be done any more than any other amenity society or conservation group. Anyone working on a project should heed what they say and try and accommodate their views (where practicable) in the scheme submitted for DAC approval and formal authorisation by the Chancellor - but SPAB, along with EH, cannot actually make requirements. It is only if what they want is supported by the Chancellor that an EH / SPAB wish becomes a requirement

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