[Bell Historians] CCCBR and English Heritage

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>... I wouldn't rely on the CCCBR for anything to do to support the Church's
planning process, the CBC, EH or anyone else.

Another player in the game is SPAB (Society for Protection of Ancient
Buildings); a most useful organisation if you have an old house, but
unfortunately they also pronounce on old bell frames, the latest being
Horton, Gloucs.

I have had correspondence with their secretary, Matthew Slocombe, and it
seems to me that there is a very large gap between conservationists, who
want to preserve things and think ringers are a bunch of noisy barbarians,
and ringers, who want something that is safely full-circle ringable,
preferably enjoyably.

Another matter concerns the retention of old bell frames.  WRT Horton SPAB
was not happy about the idea to display the old frame in a nearby barn,
security and context being the main issues.  They seem immovable on the
matter, despite the fact that a display in a barn is much more accessible,
particularly for the disabled, safer, and easier to see and appreciate.
Properly displayed, with perhaps a model bell and good labelling, people
could actually learn something about bells and bell-hanging. 



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