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Then theres the Saltby frame on exhibition at Beaumanor Hall,
Leicestershire. I told Leicestershire CC that putting it under a large tree
would be a mistake, so come the gales the inevitable happened & half the
tree fell off & made a lovely mess of things. The wreck of the frame,
rotting away in the damp , is still there to see.


On the other hand theres the Nottinghamshire Collection of preserved frames
INSIDE the church at Saundby, Notts, a fine collection well worth a visit if
you are passing. However they are clearly not in their original context,
which some would say is to their detriment. Elsewhere in Nottinghamshire
there are retired frames in their original context (or nearly so) at:


Bramcote old church

Colston Bassett old church

Gringley on the Hill






 However Christophers point about the Chancellor being the final decider is
absolutely true. 


In a Diocese I know well  there has been on-site meetings about  a frame
with all interested bodies where EH have gone away after all had
(apparently) agreed a way forward, only for them to change their mind & try
to bulldoze their (revised) opinion through. Fortunately the Chancellor
treated the case properly.

The only way to deal with their dogmatic statements on whatever is to
challenge them, and demand they justify what they say.







Subject: RE: [Bell Historians] CCCBR and English Heritage

I wonder what SPAB would say about the old frame in the churchyard at
Walsgrave Coventry?

They may well point out the Awful Fate of the old frame at Stratford sub
Castle, as they did in the Horton article. The frame languished in a shed
for some time before being made into a table, without a faculty being

There's a number of items around Wiltshire made of old bell-frames. There's
a chest in the vestry at Upavon; a table in the ringing chamber at Westbury
(with the date of the frame on it) and several items from the old frame at
Trowbridge. I was told that the old frame at Lacock (probably made from
wood from Bowden Hill) was so hard that they gave up after making two lamp


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