[Bell Historians] CCCBR and English Heritage

Andrew Aspland aaspland at TlZlvBqMjRXqjmOAryuvvRgLwEG2N6-nHOicHaYoDpEvGhg7brJ5YNKQvh1tPelJWir1eCb3lAifB8yzBunr.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 8 20:30:39 BST 2009

In our recent discussions about Great Malvern I tried to make the point
about the CCCBR needing to make a strong case for replacing frames which are
not really fit for continuing use - or indeed making a strong case at all.
Often EH and other bodies are able to point to paragraph X.Yz of their own
policies to support their own arguments, circular reasoning but they often
get away with it.  Perhaps the T&B or other committee of the CCCBR needs to
put together some substantial policies which support the ringers' point of
view.  Conservation can be oart of thepolicy but we could really press for
frames being put on display where they can be seen and appreciated by a
larger audience - e.g. Brecon Cathedral.


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