[Bell Historians] Living In A Church

Sue Marsden erincaters at kz4iAAyjEKWEv_vnWL-8i1Szrm_VPHSmfS16-wHrnlcL6R5mtCfxcIMI_diAWoVm86l0qogIv_ZU9KSxylul.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 11 11:41:40 BST 2009

2009/10/11 Ron <ronald.east at VH545cnmY5bUF-J9_-jCJvPAu67eg6zpFgHYf0O1r-z_DMZRK265KMR2juVRosnSN_zKz3jxI12D2wG1-WyZI9THGjY.yahoo.invalid>
> Erm .... Kyloe, Northumberland!!!!

Yes, I was just about to post that having re-read the email I was
sent. I think it came from America! It was late last night and I'd had
a glass or 2 of wine! It was only when I tried to find out about the
bells that I realised. The NBR says it has/had 1 bell of the same date
as the church- late 18th C but nothing about if it is still there.



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