[Bell Historians] Living In A Church

Robert Lewis editor at oFtVcIN8Y_LWdq2l8bHXBPvxn4tGNakbCTmwqLnQ4i1bgtCQiHW0OImBfIB9fhPdWrrRw5bzKdZ0Wng1tDiINQRkYm8.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 11 12:14:54 BST 2009

At 22:36 10/10/2009, Sue wrote:

>I was sent this by a Facebook contact- i don't know how she came by 
>it but I would love to live somewhere similar

Well the neighbours look quiet enough!

I suppose if there was a really fantastic 24cwt eight included in the 
deal then I might be tempted ... it would be a bit of a commute to 
Andover though.

Wouldn't fancy the heating bill either.



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