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Wed Oct 14 08:00:35 BST 2009

Agreed Richard.

The tuning is just a small, yet very significant part of the process,  
and the bell casting production demand is very limited at present.

These two functions are two activities involving bells that require  
particular specialized skills, yet remember there are many other  
necessary activities associated with bells.

You have to consider the complete bell associated potential including  
maintenance, restoration, safety, education, planning, noise  
pollution,  and provide a comprehensive and affordable package to  
those responsible for the bells into the future.

On 14 Oct 2009, at 02:24, Richard Offen wrote:

> I would also be interested to know what marketing techniques Mr Lucy  
> is proposing in order to conjure up orders for casting new bells?    
> I don't think a change in tuning technique would be the answer!
> It is fairly clear that one of the problems which has lead to the  
> current sad situation is that there simply isn't enough bell casting  
> business to go round and I don't think it is just the UK bell  
> founders who are experiencing this problem at the moment.
> Richard
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> .

Charles Lucy
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