[Bell Historians] Re: Telegraph letter

Chris Darvill manager at mpasBD4Uu_qOgiZURBd3ktm222XwbSh2GPZ6lVX0Bk-6UR-npV563S4W_SrxB6NUYFuN8r1syPCp1it6Abt4nzs.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 14 08:07:29 BST 2009

At 20:50 13/10/2009, Charles Lucy wrote:
>It seems that some individuals on this list took exception to our 
>bidding to take over Taylors and intervened with the administrators 
>who failed to provide us with the bid information despite my having 
>signed a confidentiality agreement, to which I conformed.

As far as I remember, you published information on a website in 
breach of the confidentiality agreement. I'm surprised you don't 
understand that members of this list have strong relationships with 
TES as staff, customers and suppliers (and therefore by association 
with the administrators). We all have the best interests of TES at 
heart and I'm not surprised that someone chose to draw the 
administrators' attention to your breach.



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