[Bell Historians] Re: Telegraph letter

Frank King Frank.King at 1p0uxumdMPQstaaL3KdJFTDIDXV_QygpIW3ONkSXMuYRT4GvngRwLFvDUOhxsvaNFEFz1mm1dN7_PCHa8iQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 14 10:04:46 BST 2009

David Bryant asserts:

> It doesn't take too much analysis to
> work out that the main customer of bell
> founders / hangers is the Church of
> England.

Is this the case?  Need this be the case?

Those who read this list are primarily
interested in church bells but bells
abound in numerous other places: ships,
schools and clock-towers for a start.
There is also a market for handbells for

In the season leading up to Christmas, I
note bells (albeit brass) advertised in
several mail-order catalogues.

Viewed dispassionately, a foundry with
the skills to cast church bells should be
able to cast a huge range of non-ferrous

Somewhere out there, there must be a
high-volume market which can be tapped.
It may be ornamental bath taps or bronze
doors or components for the auto-motive

It might even be sets of Lucy-Tuned
handbells.  Who knows?

Someone needs to go out and do some
market research and then some hard

Frank H. King
The University Bellringer
Cambridge, U.K.


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