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Wed Oct 14 11:46:04 BST 2009

We have actually been researching a bell type instrument. These  
conical bells prototypes were turned not cast at present, and work  
continues currently in software emulations using Java and animation.

more info. at:

On 14 Oct 2009, at 10:04, Frank King wrote:

> David Bryant asserts:
> > It doesn't take too much analysis to
> > work out that the main customer of bell
> > founders / hangers is the Church of
> > England.
> Is this the case? Need this be the case?
> Those who read this list are primarily
> interested in church bells but bells
> abound in numerous other places: ships,
> schools and clock-towers for a start.
> There is also a market for handbells for
> tune-ringing.
> In the season leading up to Christmas, I
> note bells (albeit brass) advertised in
> several mail-order catalogues.
> Viewed dispassionately, a foundry with
> the skills to cast church bells should be
> able to cast a huge range of non-ferrous
> items.
> Somewhere out there, there must be a
> high-volume market which can be tapped.
> It may be ornamental bath taps or bronze
> doors or components for the auto-motive
> industry.
> It might even be sets of Lucy-Tuned
> handbells. Who knows?
> Someone needs to go out and do some
> market research and then some hard
> selling!
> Frank H. King
> The University Bellringer
> Cambridge, U.K.

Charles Lucy
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