[Bell Historians] Re: Telegraph letter

Dickon Love dickon at tgbtBQgVs7GdyeUlV2_0ehpPKOwJnh--jB-bWgyWpFxGUZTYpqUpJyYlvvCXRnnuGpKTRUx04W9jn3E.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 14 14:54:07 BST 2009

What amuses me is the fact that Mr Lucy thinks that one of TES' failings
was that their tuning system was wrong.  I'd have thought that running a
foundry where "Lucy tuning" was the norm would be a handicap to any such
business.  I ordered a ring of 12 bells a couple of years ago.  I
wouldn't have even asked for a quote for Lucy tuned bells!  And with the
recent successes of the bells St Magnus and Cambridge, I can't imagine
anyone else would either.



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