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Thu Oct 15 09:45:30 BST 2009

Thank you for clarifying the question David.

Rather than re-writing the text from an existing site, I would like to  
suggest that you got to a place where the whole system derived from  
John Harrison's writings is explained in detail, and comparisons to  
other systems are shown. You can even hear examples, and amuse  
yourself with interactive animations which you can download from the  


On 15 Oct 2009, at 08:50, David Bryant wrote:

> "You illustrate my point exactly.
> Which Harrison bells are you referring to?"
> You seem to be avoiding the question. To put it more clearly, what  
> are the advantages of the tuning system which you are proposing, and  
> what are its advantages over and above any other tuning system?
> David

Charles Lucy
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