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Yes Richard; well fielded;-)

Thank you.

Maybe this second edition will have the information that I have been  
hoping for the past twenty years would eventually emerge.

On 15 Oct 2009, at 08:44, Richard Grimmett wrote:

> john.ketteringham27 at TH7D9d-MGJf3KDdIXszlzDQyuSpbgABOsrh7N1YtQN6Z93VpqBvpM7I22fyp_foaxRkXKbYiygKIfrj479p7s6CY-L6jyjtfBj4.yahoo.invalid wrote:
> >
> >
> > Which Harrison are you referring to Charles? The dates I have for
> > Longitude Harrisaon are 1693-1776. A full account of the  
> involvement of
> > the Harrison family in bellhanging and bellfounding is in the Second
> > edition of Lincolnmshire Bells and Bellfounding which went to print
> > yesterday.
> Perhaps Charles Lucy is getting his Harrisons and Huygens confused.
> Clarrie

Charles Lucy
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