[Bell Historians] John Harrison

Richard Grimmett richard at g9fQ1RwkWgi1_tlv5wfxi0m8XWUdYT4nFmlp1zKWJIGZKXNydfRKDNvGdIyWbf-NXVNBHBR8Os9wex9jgvNZ.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 15 08:44:04 BST 2009

john.ketteringham27 at bjof88q7-uJqwXC7HnFb98D95KgHM7_16qTLltGGeNUspLPp9tR508ZigymC2ERioQnfo2qN2sYYfEhtr_e_e_3ewFD2-k0.yahoo.invalid wrote:
> Which Harrison are you referring to Charles? The dates I have for 
> Longitude Harrisaon are 1693-1776. A full account of the involvement of 
> the Harrison family in bellhanging and bellfounding is in the Second 
> edition of Lincolnmshire Bells and Bellfounding which went to print 
> yesterday.

Perhaps Charles Lucy is getting his Harrisons and Huygens confused.



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