Fwd: [Bell Historians] Bell restoration/tuning

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Fri Oct 16 10:20:58 BST 2009

I knew David as a (rather dull) musicologist, with interests in organs
in particular.  He has been working for one of the conservation
bodies, but so far as I know has no formal trained knowledge of bells
or bellringing.


2009/10/15 jimhedgcock <jameshedgcock at 2EzmBdrqEkfoQeAuhC-FmZCYMpteFVELiAgrL1KZ-fJ3-jJVzjCH2z1AfFFCz4AP9XdgyWaikmh1EwVhXAwI5g.yahoo.invalid>
> Can anyone tell me the authority with which a certain Dr. David Knight speaks on these matters?


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