Lucy tuning

nigelsdtaylor nigeltaylor at
Fri Oct 16 21:29:17 BST 2009

Andrew  wrote:
Isn't the best way to get a better idea to actually cast and tune some bells along the lines of Charles' proposals rather than dismissing them out of hand? Whilst I doubt that many would want them as a ringing peal in their church, there are other uses of bells for which this might actually be appropriate.

But are we talking of casting bells to Harrison's "experimental" profile? I remember ringing at Swine,Humberside, a very strange, Harrison 4! 

As for Lucy tuning, I have tuned a set of clock bells to this system, employing 19 of 31, for a customer in the USA. Casting and tuning carillons with 31 notes to an octave has certain, commercial attractions!!



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