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Two observations


1. When Thomas Trotter played the first recital on our new Tickell organ at
Worcester Cathedral, all the rival organ builders were present to celebrate
the event. I can't imagine every member of the bell trade doing the same to
celebrate a new ring of bells. However, the business pressures faced by
organ builders ie hardly any work, are similar to those faced by bell


2. There are many more bellringers than organists. However, the two most
influential people on the Church Buildings Council (formerly the CCC) are
organists ie David Knight and Alan Thurlow are church organists.


Alan told me at the recent CBC/DAC conference at St Magnus the Martyr, that
the organ-world had realised it was time to stop bickering (my paraphrase)
and work together. The organ trade have managed to do this. Bellringers


Goodness knows how the CCCBR etc must appear like to the amenity groups and
the CofE and DAC community.


As a ringer, teacher of ringing, tower captain, DAC advisor and someone who
cares: it's about time we got (room for plenty of expletives) our act sorted


Ironically I have a really good working relationship with EH and the CBC. We
may not agree - however we get things done. What an irony? 






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DB says DK isn't a subscriber now. Still best not to avoid undue slurs


Paul Cattermole said he used to taunt David Knight by saying that he (Paul)
had as much right to pronounce about organs as David did about bells. David
didn't like that


I smell the whiff of personal agendas being played out through public roles
- not good, but an Achilles' heel for the individuals who are caught
straying beyond the official guidelines adopted by their organisations.




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