[Bell Historians] Bell restoration/tuning

Richard Smith richard at nX4VIh0_qNpZLWNBMxWBNlLhTZZep0mRLG3eEH8ihm8SfxMVUigSYpEN7AWiNr4sDTW6AWCqHw7jua8.yahoo.invalid
Sat Oct 17 00:47:30 BST 2009

I have to say that, although I've heard many of these 
criticisms of David Knight before and some of them may not 
be without ground, they're at odds with my experience.

My experience of David Knight through the recent work at 
Great St Marys, Cambridge was that if you took the trouble 
to understand him and his views, involved him early and 
often, and treated him as a potentially valuable ally, you 
could win him round.  Certainly the report he produced for 
GSM could hardly have been better had I written it myself!

I can easily imagine, though, that had we approached him 
with an adversarial attitude and the intention of sidelining 
him as an ill-formed irrelevancy, things could have played 
out very differently.

I may not agree with all of his opinions, but he doesn't 
strike me as an unreasonable bloke.



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