[Bell Historians] Re: Levels of Bell Production

Richard Smith richard at zbga3CuZditpkORUrquXTFvU7Jq_-HcGqXapSJcN3g0HCDgfpiN1wV3gvs57Zi6nMBw8mCPUC0tpX9bnuNs.yahoo.invalid
Sat Oct 17 14:34:27 BST 2009

Chris Pickford wrote:

> Probably a tendency in recent years for there to be more 
> bells numerically but smaller ones - so an apparent 
> increase in activity may in fact mask a decline (or the 
> decline is more serious than it appears)

I would have expected this too, but since 1960 the surviving 
output (as listed in the pNBR) seems to be pretty constant 
at around 25 tons/year.  See this graph:




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