[Bell Historians] Levels of Bell Production

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at CnrL4A-sYpid86JL8pCI2ieiNb2tz0Rs1cv70XUSv6Se42k7J2tVZmJaAqTZhZ0jVK5ZmZPHsztGzQ.yahoo.invalid
Sat Oct 17 19:07:29 BST 2009

>I was interested to read Mark Regan's letter (and associated
>graph) in todays RW. This may have been discussed before but has
>anyone done a similar analysis in other counties or nationally? 

Although I have yet to read the referenced letter (that RW is 
probably winging its way across the pond to me even as I write), this 
remark prompted me to revisit the one set of rather good data which 
is available for an American bellfounder.  The result is a new page 
which you can now find on the GCNA Website:


In its 80 years of operation, the Meneely (Troy) foundry shipped more 
than 12,300 bells weighing altogether over 8.6 million pounds.

I wish that comparable data were available from the other three major 
American bellfoundries (Meneely/Watervliet, McShane, Vanduzen) or 
some of the significant regional bellfoundries (e.g., Hooper/Blake, 
Stuckstede [I and II], Gardiner Campbell).  At least their production 
of chimes is to some extent known, and is summarized on a page linked 
from that shown above.



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