[Bell Historians] Re: Levels of Bell Production

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Sun Oct 18 04:44:47 BST 2009

At 15:22 +0100 2009/10/17, Chris Pickford wrote:
>This is, of course, just ringing bells. To take the bigger picture, 
>carillon work by UK founders will have led to quite a significant 
>increase in bells numerically (but not in tonnage terms) since the 

While the 1920s themselves were the "golden years" with respect to 
export of tonnage of bells from England to North America, Taylors 
managed to sell significant tonnage into this market fairly 
consistently through the 1960s.  See the chart at the bottom of this 
page:  http://www.gcna.org/data/NATRgreatBells.html

For a more general view of the foundries' production of carillons and 
chimes across the years, see the following index pages:

These indexes are believed to be complete with respect to exported 
carillons and chimes.  They are not complete with respect to chimes 
made for domestic customers, though the largest and heaviest of such 
chimes are included.



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