[Bell Historians] Keltek Trust and bellfounding

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I find this attack on Keltec quite astonishing.
Having rung on virtually every ring they have contributed to, I have
been very impressed by the obvious trouble taken to supply bells which
are or can be tuned to be a good match.

It is noticeable that Keltec influenced rings are often much better
matched than other comparable old mixed rings, which are the majority of
our heritage in bells.

It's a shame Keltec don't often get the opportunity to swap out bells
that are rehung within rings where they could hardly be less suitable or
more badly matched.

There was a period when rings were augmented with very powerful modern
bells of modern tuning, on an old rather dull ring. How much these rings
would benefit from having the job redone, and the released bell housed
with its contemparies?

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While I can see that the "re-homing" of old bells of a reasonable 
(and proven) quality has its obvious attractions - and perhaps 
enables some projects that might not otherwise get off the ground - I 
do wonder about its overall impact on the industry, especially in 
terms of the market for casting new bells.

Perhaps, for instance, the trust should be more selective about the 
quality of the bells it saves?


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