[Bell Historians] Keltek Trust and bellfounding

John Camp camp at wxarPX4XN8ZLl-mkhSQBraedYnrX2wcuGDvXyOweafqQzO2wcUiP2Gq-VsCDUohSqd9W0rOZ5AQFyN1A-_9a.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 19 14:44:19 BST 2009

At 14:36 on 19 October 2009, Bickerton, Roderic (SELEX GALILEO, UK) wrote:

> I find this attack on Keltec quite astonishing.

What attack?  It seems to me to be quite reasonable to wonder whether
the existence of an organisation which tries to conserve and rehome
existing bells has had an effect on the demand for new bells.  I don't
know the answer, but it is a question which can be asked without the
need to interpret it as an attack.

John Camp


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