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The bell has no inscription or date on it and therefore the date of 1693 (as recorded on the NBR) could not have been taken from the bell. The founder's mark is almost inaccessible at the back of the bell and could only be seen by pressing plasticine onto it and taking a plaster cast from the mould. However, the first St Nicholas' Church was built in 1693 by Sir John Lowther when a fisherman's chapel on the site was demolished to make way for the new church. The church was subsequently rebuilt again in 1882 and it is this building that burned down in 1973. Could it be that the date of 1693 was simply assigned to the bell in the year that the new church was consecrated? Does this imply that the bell was from the earlier building? Interestingly, a card index (now held at Church House) of a visit to St Nicholas' church by Barry Thompson in the 1970s says:
- one old bell, 1693 (?), diameter about 3'6"
- a bell and a clock mentioned in accounts, 1693 [Jackson II p. 117]
Thompson clearly had doubts about the date 1693 - but it could be earlier, of course. Also, what is the reference to a publication by 'Jackson'?
Also, pursuing the other line of enquiry, does anyone have a high quality image of Warner's mark from bells cast in the 1860s and 70s?
Ron East

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Oh, & can we have the full inscription if there is one, and the diameter please.

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It’s a John Warner mark, badly copied!

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Can anyone identify the founder of the bell from this rubbing taken of the mark. The bell is at St Nicholas' Church, Whitehaven. The church was never rebuilt after it burned down, leaving only the tower standing. A cast was taken of the mark and, from this, the rubbing was taken. Local history holds that the bell was cast in Ireland.

Ron East

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