[Bell Historians] Bell and iron founding

David Bryant davidbryant at -mCbaYUt5vIkUXZR0RDOWUV0YTmD71QJvklfnW4sT-Zl_Cmhr8vZderzBDX_5Bk1o00xJPNH6lYftsKmGjQxoyn9xA.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 19 19:49:20 BST 2009

"I seem to remember being told when I lived in Leicester that Taylors 
contracted out some of their headstocks to Cort's iron foundry in St Ives 

No doubt somebody involved with Taylor's can confirm, but it's my 
understanding that for about 20 years up until six or seven years ago they 
had been contracting out all iron founding. Then they started casting 
smaller items (headstocks, etc) in-house, with larger castings such as 
frames still being contracted out - don't know who to.



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