[Bell Historians] Bell and iron founding

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In recent times, yes Taylors do cast their own headstocks and framesides in their foundry, along with most of the cast iron components.



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  I seem to remember being told when I lived in Leicester that Taylors contracted out some of their headstocks to Cort's iron foundry in St Ives Road?

  Peter Rivet

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          It is my understanding that Whitechapel, G&J and Taylors cast their
          headstocks and frames in house.

          Am I correct ?


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          Andrew Wilby's recent letter of announcement regarding the future of 
          the Taylor bellfoundry included the words "highest standards of bell 
          and iron founding." I must confess to having been surprised at that. 
          In spite of my long familiarity with the excellence of Taylor's work 
          (having begun to learn carillon playing on a Taylor instrument more 
          than half a century ago), I had never been aware that they were 
          involved in casting iron.


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