Fwd: SPAB & Bell Frames

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Thu Oct 22 17:14:17 BST 2009

I chipped in my six penneth as well. You never know - something may 
get through.


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>Subject: SPAB & Bell Frames
>SIR, -
>On its website SPAB claims to represent "the practical and positive 
>side of conservation".  This is plainly not the case in relation to 
>redundant church bell frames that are no longer fit for purpose and 
>do not, in any case, form an integral part of the fabric of church 
>buildings (letters, October 22).
>Mr. Venning's analogy with vintage motor car engines is a poor one. 
>The few ancient frames that are worth preserving are often incapable 
>of supporting a working ring of bells. They would be much better 
>conserved and more easily viewed (by the handful of people who are 
>interested in them) outside the bell tower at ground level.  Lesser 
>examples can simply be photographed and recorded for posterity or 
>scholarly research prior to proper disposal.
>We must get away from this notion that oak and iron are sacrosanct 
>simply by virtue of their antiquity.


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