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A minor correction to Anne Willis - Matthew Slocombe is the deputy Secretary of SPAB. The Secretary is Philip Venning, who wrote the Telegraph letter (and signed it as Secretary). A minor point, but we ought to get it right.

SPAB have had a bee in their bonnet about bellframes for some time, and publish a partially helpful but partially ill-informed booklet on the subject. It has always annoyed me that they insist on stating that bellframe loss is a current phenomenon - the rate of loss was at its greatest in the earlier years of the C20th when a) the heritage lobby was less powerful and b) more bell restoration work was being done. If the bellhanger recommended a new frame, then the advice was accepted by all parties - not so now!!! Also, they do not seem to accept that bellframes can ever reach the end of their useful life.

The fact that they are exploring HLF grant-making processes is rather worrying. The CCCBR should be making sure that the HLF appreciates that renewal is usually only proposed where there is quite widespread agreement that it is necessary (and that insistence on retention is an "extremist" view) - and that frames do get restored (and kept in use) when it is accepted as practicable

All the letters submitted make useful points, but I rather thought Carl's view from over the pond was especially helpful. I hope it will make it into print

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