Magna Carta and ringing at Bath Abbey

Peter Whisker peter at
Wed Sep 9 16:49:39 BST 2009

I was at Bath Abbey recently and came across a tale that in the early 
15th Century, the bell ringers were having problems with the local town 
council who were trying to stop them ringing when they pleased. 
(Familiar story?)

Anyway, they were apparently planning to cite the Magna Carta in court 
which they claimed backed up their freedom to ring when they wanted to. 
I think that it never got that far, but it's an interesting if not 
desperate attempt to thwart the civil power!

I wonder what a local Borough Council would make of this today! (We in 
Chertsey are under the benevolent auspices of Runnymede Borough Council 
too for good measure!)

Does anyone know more about the facts of this 15th century case?

Peter Whisker


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